Kazaa Lite Revolution


Kazaa Lite Revolution is a P2P client for the FastTrack network that includes useful tools. Download Kazaa Lite Revolution and easily share you files

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There was a time in which Kazaa Media Desktop that the most used P2P clients, even though some scandals regarding the applications security tarnished its image, products like Kazaa Lite Revolution managed to convince a big enough group of users.

  The FastTrack network is the most used by this client, that hasn't varied its interface over the years, being as usable now than it was years ago, Kazaa Lite Revolution takes the baton left behind by the original Kazaa, that was one of the first and most famous P2P clients, to add a vast amount of tools and functions to it.

  The applications that are included in Kazaa Lite Revolution are: AVIPreview++, Bad IP Updater, K-Dat, K-Sig, KaZuperNodes, KaNAT, Kazaa Corruption Fixer, Kchecker, MP3Shield and HostsManager. The majority help to make the most of this program, but others were focused to improve playback and the search for multimedia files.

  One of the great things of Kazaa Lite Revolution is, without a doubt, the integration of a multimedia player. Thanks to this application, we can preview any file that we were downloading, something that was a great advance for its time.
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