KCeasy optimizes the search and download of files by means of a P2P network thanks to its capacity to use various of them. Download KCeasy free to your PC

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P2P networks have had an enormous impact on how files of all types are shared. That is why various of them have been developed, each one with its own characteristics and generally concentrating on a specific type of content. That is the reason why programs like KCeasy help us access P2P networks.

  KCeasy connects to several P2P networks, with the idea of optimizing file searches and transfers to the maximum extent. Among the networks it connects to, we will find Ares (with its great popularity and incredible transfer speed), Gnutella (with a great catalog that includes lots of files that are impossible to find on other networks) and OpenFT (a free FastTrack implementation, similar to the one used by Napster, that was created by the giFT project).

  The interface is a simple as it could be, only including the options and sections necessary. It is all designed so that the user doesn't have to worry about anything, because the simple assistant that starts with the installation will adjust the configuration perfectly so that both the file searches and downloads are optimized.
Markus Kern
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