KCleaner intends to be a really interesting alternative to CCleaner when it comes to deleting temporary files, cookies and other useless files from our PC

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If there's a program that has earned itself a name in the field of PC cleaning and saving hard drive space, that has to be CCleaner. But it isn't the only program of its kind and not even the best software of its category, or that's at least what they say at KC Software, the company that develops KCleaner, a powerful tool to remove temporary files and junk from our hard drive.

Recover space on your hard drive.

Main features of KCleaner

  • Scan your hard drive and delete temporary files, cookies, cache memory, registers and junk files.
  • Automatic mode that runs in the background with your even realizing.
  • Expert mode to control which files are to be deleted and which aren't.
  • Secure deletion methods to remove files permanently.

KCleaner vs CCleaner

Many experts consider that KCleaner carries out a much more thorough cleaning process on our hard drive because, even after running Piriform's software, it's capable of finding several gigabytes of files to remove from the system that CCleaner couldn't even detect. But, if you prefer KCleaner, you're going to have to put up with its old-fashioned and less appealing interface.

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