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Save the passwords that you use on the Internet and manage them comfortably and easily. Download KeePassX for free, it includes a useful password creator

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KeePassX is the ideal tool to be able to maintain our privacy when we work online very often. Thanks to this useful tool we will be able to store the information about each of the passwords that we use for the different online services, as well as their corresponding user name and URL address.

  By means of an intuitive interface that is very easy-to-use, we will have the opportunity to create different databases for each of the users that use a computer, in such a way that each of them will be able to keep their personal information as protected as possible, by means of a master password for each database.

  Furthermore, if we aren't sure if the passwords that we use are strong enough, the application includes an automatic password generator that will allow us to create the passwords of our choice, even including the features of our own selection (upper case, lower case, blank spaces, numbers, symbols,...).

  Therefore, is we want to make sure that each and everyone of our online service accounts are safe, the best idea is to install a program that will allow us to manage and organize them in the most convenient fashion, like KeePassX.
Requirements and additional information:
This download only works on Debian based systems, like Ubuntu.
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