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The core of the Linux operating systems is called Linux Kernel, and you can download Linux Kernel for free. Get the real engine behind your favorite distro

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In an operating system, the kernel is the software in charge of making the communication between the software and the hardware easier, as well as administrating the different resources that are available. Thus, it is the real core of the operating system, the element that makes sure that everything works.

  The Linux Kernel is the heart of this famous open source operating system. Based on UNIX, it was developed by the engineer Linus Torvalds (thus the name) and it's the engine that feeds each and every one of the different Linux distributions.

  Initially formed by 10,239 lines of code, the Linux Kernel has transformed over time into a complex and reliable tool capable of working perfectly with the most advanced technology.

  It's now capable of working under complex systems of up to 32 processors, offering support for the most advanced devices and greatly improving their speed.

  The download that we offer is that latest stable version of this software. Many people download it to update the kernel of their Linux distribution.

  So if you're a programmer, system administrator, science computer student or simply curious, you can download the latest Linux Kernel to your computer and do whatever you want with it, as long as it's compliant with the GPL license.
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