Kibup allows you to create backups of multiple folders on a USB hard drive. The easiest way that you have to create a copy of files is to download Kibup

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In the majority of cases there comes a moment in which you gather a vast amount of files on your hard drive or it may also happen that you have files of vital importance, once you have reached that moment the best thing you can do is create backups of your data with a program like Kibup to avoid losing them if the hard drive happens to fail.

  Kibup is an application that has been designed specifically to be able to create backups on a USB hard drive or on a pendrive.

  The program is very easy-to-use, you only have to launch the application and to have a USB storage unit connected to the computer (if you don't, the application will ask you to connect one), select the unit that is going to be used to store the information and then select the folders to be stored, and that is it.

  Therefore, if you want an easy-to-use application with which you will be able to create backups of your information, download and try Kibup.
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