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With Kill Shot for Android you can kick out any users connected to your Wi-Fi network in a single click. Disabling the Wi-Fi, nobody can browse that network

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The name of the mobile game for Android, Kill Shot, doesn't leave any space for imagination regarding its plot. It's all about shooting to kill. In this first-person shooter, we'll take on the role of a sniper in charge of completing different missions with a common target: killing as many baddies as possible and if it's by means of a head shot, even better.

Throughout the years, Hothead Games has earned itself a reputation in the field of mobile FPS, not only with this title that gives its name to the saga, but also with its sequels such as Kill Shot Virus, in which we have to face up against zombies, and Kill Shot Bravo, that brings together elements of the previous game and this one, the original title.

Build your future as a silent killer.

The gameplay has no secrets. Once we've downloaded and installed its APK, we simply have to choose the most suitable weapon for each mission (being able to purchase new ones from the store), wait in our hideout until it's the perfect moment, aim well, activate the sniper zoom, and press the trigger, hoping to hit our enemy in the head. As easy as that, no need to search for hacks, cheats or mods.

Main features

  • Over 800 missions to be completed.
  • 100 collectible weapons.
  • More than 50 maps with unique locations.
  • 3D graphics that provide the game with plenty of realism.
  • Bullet time animations to observe the impact of the bullet.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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