KillerRat is a variant of njRAT, the remote access trojan with which you can take control of any computer that runs on the Windows operating system

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RATs are remote access trojans that allow an attacker to take control of a distant computer. The latest one to appear, following suit to Back Orifice and SubSeven, is called KillerRat, and is focused exclusively on Windows computers.

Remote control tool to attack Windows.

With KillerRat installed you can spy and obtain credentials remotely from other PCs, launch DDoS attacks on them, as well as being able to take control of many of its functions, using the base code of njrat, without the victim even noticing.

KillerRat/KilerRat functions

  • Modification and edition of files on the computer under attack.
  • Remotely list and kill processes.
  • Possibility to start a remote desktop session.
  • Access to the victim's webcam.
  • Option to open a terminal and input commands directly from a remote PC.
  • Keylogger to register keystrokes.
  • Possibility to open a chat window on the attacked computer.
  • Carry out DDoS attacks on any computer.
  • Obtain passwords.
  • Block webs on the victim's PC.

We're obviously not encouraging anyone to use this program to carry out any kind of malicious activity, but just for tests and to check out how this kind of RAT tools work.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a RAR compatible compressor.
Ahmed Ibrahim
Over a year ago
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