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Kinda Heroes is a beautiful role-playing game with automated mechanics and retro inspiration where players will face monsters and rescue the princess

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If you like cute and straightforward RPGs, you'll love this one. Download the APK file and travel to Riverstone, a lost medieval village where there has never been a hero... until now.

A modernized version of the classic princess rescue

Kinda Heroes is an indie RPG with endearing 2D graphics. Become a hero of a small medieval village, venture into dangerous quests, and rescue the princess.

A classic medieval role-playing game created by a single person!

You will control the entire game from the village, where you can unlock powers, customize your hero, equip items, improve combat and cooking skills, and embark on quests, among other possibilities. However, the most exciting part of this game is the battles.

Once in the combat screen, your character will automatically advance through the scenarios. Eliminate enemies until the green bar is full and avoid running out of life points. To fight, you have four action buttons, with which you can dodge, attack, and protect yourself.

Improve your combat and cooking skills, fulfill missions, rescue Woody, and complete the story!

In short, this title provides a very cool and refreshing experience where your skill and coordination will be key to keep moving forward. It is also fun, features cute graphics, and offers several heroes with different skills.

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Kinda Heroes
6 months ago
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