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Kings Legion is an interesting strategy and puzzle game in which we have to build a kingdom, protect it from invading forces, and conquer the world

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The beautiful land of Nasland is under siege by dark forces. Fortunately, there is still a warrior who can stop them. Our quest, once we have downloaded the APK file, will be to take command of a flourishing kingdom and recruit heroes to protect it.

Puzzles, battles, and strategy

Kings Legion is an unusual strategy game that blends the typical gameplay of the resource management and puzzle genres. So, we will have to administer our kingdom while solving puzzles.

The game starts off in the usual way. Guided by the daughter of the kingdom's wizard, we will have to construct all kinds of buildings in order to generate resources and train our troops. We will also have to summon heroes, whose raison d'etre is to fight against invading forces and conquer other kingdoms. There are 15 types of troops and 35 heroes to collect.

Save Nasland from the dark forces and recover the order of the world!

However, we also have to solve pin puzzles in order to get resources. In these levels, we are shown puzzles in which we have to strategically remove or move pins in order to ward off danger and get the treasure.

Meanwhile, the game also features multiplayer functions allowing us to create or join an alliance. But that's not all because from the research tree we will be able to choose the path of development that we want to follow.

On a technical level, the game offers us some very decent 2D and 3D graphics. Big fans of the genre will find the game refreshing and slightly different from the usual formula.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
TG Inc.
3 months ago
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