KingsAge Online

KingsAge is a game set in the medieval era where starting with a small colony you have to make it grow into a large kingdom. Make your colony flourish

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KingsAge is an online role playing game set in the medieval era. The objective is to make your own colony grow and flourish. You will start off with just a few possessions (a small castle, some land and a couple of workers at your service) and you wil have to decide how to expand your domains, be it by means of commercial relations or taking part in battles.

Courage and dexterity will be rewarded with fame and riches.


  • Online role playing game set in the medieval era.
  • Transform your small colony into a large kingdom.
  • Establish aliances and commercial relations with other players and fight for the domain of other lands to expand your kingdom.
  • Train your army in different combat techniques.
  • Communicate with other users using the internal messenger system.
  • Expand your colonies and points to move up in the player classification.

Prove that you can transform your colony into a large kingdom taking part in KingsAge.

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