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KleanSweep deletes the files that you don't use from your favorite Linux distribution. Download KleanSweep and clean your Linux to optimize how it works

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If you think about tools that will allow you to clean your Windows OS, you will probably end up thinking about utilities like CCleaner, Revo or FCleaner. But it isn't that easy to find an application that will allow us to release free space on our Linux distribution.

Keep your distro clean and tidy

An alternative to remove all the unnecessary files from your PC is KleanSweep, a small application specifically created to work on the KDE desktop environment with which you will be able to comfortably delete files and empty folders, broken links, programs that don't work, duplicated files, unused thumbnails, etc.

It's very easy to use: once you carry out the search for files that meet any of the aforementioned criteria, you'll see the results classified by tabs and, at that moment, you'll be able to delete whichever ones you want.

KleanSweep is a very useful application to keep your computer in good shape, but as the developer himself says, it's advisable to take all kinds of precautions due to the possible damage that it may cause to the system if any essential files are accidentally deleted.

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Antony Peel
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