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In Knives Out for iPhone we'll have to face up to 99 rivals on a huge battlefield with the intention to make our character become the only survivor

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Battle Royale games have become tremendously popular as of lately. The majority of Internet connections have helped this multiplayer game genre to extend. It's a game mode that has been around for quite some time but thanks to higher bandwidths, it's now when it has reached its highest levels of popularity.

Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are amongst the best but there are also quite a few alternatives for Android and iPhone, as is the case of this Knives Out. Here, we'll have to face up to 99 players on a huge battlefield who are also trying to be the only survivors in this fight.

100 start the game, only 1 completes it

If you've ever seen Max Max Beyond Thunderdome, Highlander or Battle Royale (the movie that gives its name to the genre), you already know what it's all about: use whatever weapons and resources available to be the last person standing.

The game takes place on a battlefield of 6.4 square kilometers on which we'll come across all sorts of resources and landforms that we can make the most of to set up ambushes for our enemies. Furthermore, it also incorporates an internal chat function that allows us to talk to other players and create alliances. Definitely a great game that unfortunately is not available for PC.

One of the best all versus all game that you can download.

Main features

  • Battlefield with an area of 6.4 square kilometers.
  • Games with 100 players at once.
  • Islands, mountains, tunnels, rivers, caves... all sorts of landforms and constructions where to hide and put our strategy into practice.
  • Build alliances with other players to defeat the strongest rivals.
  • Play according to your own rules: you decide how your enemies should die.

And although we've already mentioned that there's not an official version of Knives Out for Windows or Mac, we can always download its Android APK and run it with an emulator. The truth is that it's really worthwhile because it's one of the best battle royale games that we can play for free on iOS.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.0.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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