Knockout City

Knockout City is an action game application for Android where we will participate in a massive futuristic dodgeball competition in stunning environments

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Knockout City is a fun action game where together with other players, we will participate in massive dodgeball battles. Simply team up with your friends or other game users and go through a futuristic city with breathtaking scenery.

Dodgeball with features of third-person shooter

The game is quite similar to multiplayer shooters such as Overwatch. We will control our character, customizable to our liking, who in the company of the other members of our team, will face other players in an all-out battle through the streets of Knockout City. This futuristic version of dodgeball is all about the same thing: dodge the ball and catch it when possible. However, there is a wide variety of possibilities in terms of situations, techniques, or weapons offered.

In this game, we will be able to travel through a large city that, as game seasons open, expands with new maps, events, and challenges. You will also be able to get all kinds of skills and items to customize your character, discover maps to explore, or balls to play with. The game is similar to others such as Fortnite, with a gameplay based on collaborative third-person shooter games.

Download it now and go through its streets to discover the hundreds of characters, vehicles, and outfits in the most thrilling dodgeball game ever.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
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