Kobo is the application that you need if you're really into electronic books. Download Kobo for free, an eBook manager that allows you to buy new books

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Kobo is a tool developed to distribute, sell and read eBooks. Under a very simple and elegant appearance, we will be able to access a virtual shop in which we will be able to find thousands of digital books on sale, as well as some sample titles that we will be able to enjoy on our computer.

Discover the future of literature

The main objective of the program is to work as a manager for the Kobo eBook reader, which has reached the market as a real revolution. From the main reading window, we'll have the option to access the chapters that we want with a single click or, increase or diminish the size of the font.

From the shop's interface, we'll be able to search by author or title, view the 50 most sold titles or choose between the recommended titles. We'll also have a virtual library available, in which we'll be able to see the covers of the books that we have purchased and thus quickly select the one that we want to read.

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