KoolWire is a very light download program that uses the Gnutella network and that doesn't require an excessive resource usage. Download KoolWire for free

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LimeWire is the most popular Gnutella network client, but there are other alternatives that are much lighter, that use up a lot less resources, in exchange for offering fewer options, like for example KoolWire.

  This simple application, that is based on Java, only has the tools necessary to be able to connect to a Gnutella network and download the files we choose. It has a very simple interface, from which we'll be able to access a search and download window, the connection monitoring window and the library with the downloaded files (it doesn't have an embedded chat client nor a multimedia player).

  The program allows us to configure its appearance by means of different skins, so that customizing the appearance of this lightweight download tool will be as simple as selecting a preset from a list.

  If you usually use the P2P protocol to share all kinds of files and you're looking for a simple application, with which you can download files without hardly affecting your PC's performance, you should try out KoolWire.
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