Koperfield is a free tool that will help you hide windows on your computer with a simple keyboard shortcut. Download Koperfield and avoid prying eyes

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Koperfield is a simple tool with which you will be able to hide the windows with which you are working by means of keyboard shortcuts. If you use your computer somewhere where there is more people and you want to avoid prying eyes from knowing what you are writing or viewing, Koperfield offers the possibility to hide the windows as if it were magic.

On some occasions, it may happen that you are working on the computer and that you have to minimize the windows because you don't want somebody to see what you are doing. With Koperfield, it will be a lot easier to hide the window. With a set of simple keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to hide the active window, show it once again, close it or eliminate Koperfield from the memory.

Default shortcuts in Koperfield

  • Ctrl + Spacebar: hide the active window.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar: show the hidden window.
  • Ctrl + Alt + X: eliminate Koperfield from the memory.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z: close the active window.

Koperfield allows you to change the keyboard shortcuts and choose those that are more comfortable for you. Download Koperfield and don't let anyone snoop on what you are working on on your computer.

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Antony Peel
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