KRyLack Archive Password Recovery

3.70.69 KRyLack Archive Password Recovery can recover lost and forgotten passwords for ZIP, RAR and ACE files. Download KRyLack Archive Password Recovery right now
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When you create compressed files it is a good idea to protect their decompression with some type of password. Thus, you will be able to avoid other people accessing their contents if they don't know the password, protecting your information and private files. But, what happens if you lose the password or forget it? That you will need a program like KRyLack Archive Password Recovery.

In this situation it will be nearly impossible for you to open the file. Maybe one of the last solutions possible will be to use a program like KRyLack Archive Password Recovery to recover lost and forgotten passwords from compressed files.


  • Recover the passwords for ZIP, RAR (including v3.x, v4.x, SFX, multivolume and files with encrypted names) and ACE.
  • Compatible with files created with various programs.
  • Customization options: configure the length of the password (without any limit), the characters that will be used to generate them...
  • Support for brute force attacks.
  • Select a pack of customized characters for the brute force attacks (support for non-English characters).
  • Includes an extraction tool for ZIP, RAR and ACE files.
  • Save the status of a password search to restore it if you stop it or you suffer a power loss.

A password decrypter that includes an extractor

KRyLack Archive Password Recovery is a very complete tool that can also be used to extract the same compressed files that it supports. Its interface is very clear and it doesn't leave any doubt about its functions, and you will always be able to update the software to the latest version available from its interface.

You will have the possibility to choose what percentage of the CPU the program uses. Furthermore, you can use KRyLack Archive Password Recovery even if only one of the files in the container is encrypted.

Download KRyLack Archive Password Recovery and access the contents of ZIP, RAR and ACE compressed files even if you don't know the password that protects them.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to recover passwords with a length of up to 3 characters.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
KRyLack Software
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