Lagoonia Online

Take part in Lagoonia, a browser-based game that mixes strategy with social relations. Make a new society flourish on the lost tropical island of Lagoonia

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The Internet can also be a good place for your entertainment. Lagoonia is an online game that places you in the role of the survivor of a plane crash. The plane has crashed in the Pacific ocean, and after swimming to an uncharted island, it will be up to you to survive thanks to your effort and skill.

The social simulator of islands!


  • Online strategy and social relations game.
  • Manage to survive in your new habitat: locate other survivors, search for objects and build structures, interact with the new society and form your own family...
  • Complete Wiki with information and tutorials about the game.

Lagoonia combines strategy and adventures with another booming genre in the world of video games: virtual reality and social relations.

Interact with the environment and make this alternative society flourish in Lagoonia.

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