Enter to share your music tastes and discover new groups. In you will listen to new groups and artists based on the music that you like

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If you are a music lover and you are always looking for new groups to listen to, you have to try out the web application. It will find music and concerts for you based on your tastes.

Enjoying is as simple as registering as a user. From that moment onwards, do you like a group? Just type its name in the search box and access its biography, images, videos, albums, events and even news, among other information available. Furthermore, listen to their songs via Spotify, Deezer, Hype Machine or the radio stations, which will include similar artists and groups.

But what really makes interesting is the possibility to socialise your music tastes as much as possible, because you will be able to share them on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook and get in touch with other users with tastes that are similar to your own.

Discover new music and people with your tastes with

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