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Launchy is a very simple application launcher for Linux. Download Launchy for free and you will be able to launch programs comfortably without wasting time

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Launchy is a useful application for Linux that will allow us to launch the applications that we have installed on our computer without having to search for them in their folder or having the desktop full of shortcuts. It is a very easy to use application launcher that will save us a lot of time.

  We only have to place the name of the application that we want to launch in the dialog box. Launchy will show us all the applications that are near the search, and with a single key we will launch the one that we choose.

  To launch Launchy we will only have to use the “alt+spacebar” shortcut, or we can also configure the hotkeys of our choice, and the interface will appear. Launchy also has an option that adds folders and other file formats to its indexing catalog, to be able to launch anything very quickly, like for example, a search in Google.

  If you are tired of having so many shortcut icons and you want to launch the programs quickly, try Launchy and you will see how you can't live without it.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is only valid for Debian distributions, like Ubuntu, for example.
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