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Let yourself be seduced by the power of the mafia in Legend City, an entertaining and curious strategy game that offers participation in many dirty deals

Become a gangster and conquer the city

May 16, 2022
7 / 10

It has happened to all of us: you think a game is one thing and download the APK file when in fact it is something totally different. Well, that's the case with this mafia game... they should have warned about the adult content.

A whole city in your bars

Legend City, formerly known as Lust Mafia, is a strategy game set in the world of the mafia that stands out for its realistic 2D graphics. Your goal is to become the most powerful mafia boss in the city... without forgetting to satisfy your libidinous desires. In fact, the plot does not take long to escalate, so it is not a title suitable for children under 18.

As in most strategy games of this genre, you can build buildings, invest money, and take part in fights. But you will also need to manage questionable businesses, recruit a band of fighters (lightly clad and with a six pack), increase your wealth, and gain popularity.

Build and manage your own city.

And you need to do all this while dating your secretary, seducing her, and taking her to luxurious hotels to "play doctor." The graphics are not explicit at any time and yet, leave little room for imagination.

A very cool detail of this game is that you can choose the appearance of the characters, including the secretary. The result is quite sexist and difficult to classify, but it is certainly a different proposal that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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