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Lensa is a useful image editor that incorporates a wide variety of functions and tools that you can use to adjust any photo, and especially selfies

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The tyranny of social media demands that your photos always look as impressive as possible, as if we were all brilliant photographers. Luckily, those of us who have no idea how to take photos can leave professional photography to those who really know what they are doing and settle for great image editing apps. Lensa, an interesting image editor with functions to correct imperfections and adjust and enhance any aspect of our snapshots, is one such app.

An image editor with a particular focus on selfies

This application has a straightforward interface to edit your photos. Users can retouch their images in a quick and easy process. In a matter of seconds, you can adjust aspects such as lighting, solve focus problems and even apply filters to provide your photo a particular atmosphere.

The app can be used to edit any image, but its developers wanted to highlight the selfie retouch functions and enhance this type of image, ubiquitous in social networks like Instagram or Facebook. These are the main features this app has to offer:

  • Adjusting color intensity, brightness, contrast...
  • Dozens of filters.
  • Selfie editor to correct imperfections.
  • Function to adjust the temperature of the image.
  • Sharpness editor to correct blurred photos.
  • Background editor to remove, focus or blur.
  • Functions for correcting skin, eyes, hair, or teeth imperfections.
Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version is limited to retouching and adjusting 5 photos per week.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 8.0.
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Susana Arjona
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