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Works of art are transformed into nightmares in Life Gallery, a terrifying mobile puzzle game with a design that is as disturbing as it is beautiful

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If there's one word that perfectly defines this puzzle game from the 751Games studio, it is "disturbing". Once we download the APK file, we will be immersed in a disturbing and shocking story.

A puzzle game with a unique artistic design and illustrative style that takes players into a world of deep horror.

Your worst nightmares have come for you

Life Gallery is a very interesting graphic adventure for mobiles that stands out for offering an original visual experience with a unique artistic style. Each of its hand-drawn illustrations will immerse us more and more in this terrifying and mysterious plot.

Also, the setting is completed with a magnificent soundtrack. Each of its melodies is wrapped in the mystery and mysticism that characterizes this adventure.

Classic works of art turned into nightmares.

On each screen, we will have to solve a puzzle to continue discovering the story of this strange Siamese boy with only one eye. The puzzles are hidden within the illustrations and lack instructions, although they are not too complicated. To solve them, we will have to investigate, browse, and interact by tapping on the elements that appear on the screen.

In addition, we will find classic works of art in surrealistic and nightmarish settings. In general, this is a nice game. The first chapter is free, but to continue enjoying the experience, you will have to pay for the full version of the game.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
751Games Co., Ltd.
This month
149.6 MB

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