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Download Life of Vista for free and convert the appearance of your Messenger, equipping it with that of Windows Vista. Life of Vista needs Messenger Plus!

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Life of Vista is the implementation of the Windows Vista interface for your copy of Messenger. It has to be said that the Windows Vista design is rather nice and functional, so having it in our favorite instant messenger client without having to install that operating system by Microsoft is a rather positive change.

  Life of Vista is inspired on the design of the windows and menus of Windows Vista to manage to make Messenger a lot easier to use and nicer thanks to Messenger Plus!, a program that is essential to be able to make this kind of modification to Messenger. Life of Vista is a theme that has to be loaded by means of Messenger Plus! to work.

  Once loaded, if we relaunch Messenger we will obtain a new background for Messenger, redesigned menus, new images and icons,... All inspired on Windows Vista so that our instant messenger is visually up to date.

  This theme has been create by Ethan Li and it should not affect our computer's performance, thus installing it should not be an inconvenience. What's more, if you still don't use Messenger Plus!, this is the perfect occasion to gain all its functions.
Requirements and additional information:
It is only compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and it requires that you have Messenger Plus! Live installed.
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