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Make your dreams come true in LifeSim 2, a fantastic life simulator where we can be the person we always wanted to be... at least in the digital world

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It is often said that life is a long-distance race, something that the Hypergames kids have wanted to reflect with this peculiar life simulator. Choose a character and start your way in life from humble origins to stardom.

You can be whoever you want to be

Downloading the LifeSim 2 APK file allows us to live the life we always wanted to have. More or less. This is a life simulator with very realistic tints, so our possibilities will be very limited at first.

Remember, your decisions affect your destiny and only you can choose the path to success!

We will start the game with 18 years old, and we will have to accept the simplest jobs to earn a living. As we earn money and pay our debts, we will have to invest in clothes, food, studies, pets, car and home. And all this without neglecting health, money and our relationships.

Also, as months go by and we face the vicissitudes of life, if we play our cards right we will have access to better paid jobs and a lot of whims. So, little by little, we can fulfill our dream of becoming a supermodel or a Hollywood star... if we don't starve first.

We are before a purely strategic life simulator, since to play we will have to limit ourselves to pressing buttons and letting time pass. The idea is good and very interesting, although surely we will have to see quite a few ads if we don't want to go bankrupt before we start living.

Requirements and additional information:
Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Hypergames, Inc.
6 months ago
70.2 MB

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