If you use Thunderbird you will like Lightning, a small add-on that adds notebook and task manager functions to the client. Download Lightning for free

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The two main products by the Mozilla foundations are its quick browser, Firefox, and its email manager, Thunderbird. This last one is the favorite of lots of users, above other email managers, due to its simplicity, its great customization options and its security, because it includes among other functions, intelligent spam filters.

  Many users think that Thunderbird would be perfect if it included organizer functions. But, if you don't want to renounce to Thunderbird, Mozilla offers the solution: complement your favorite email manager with the elegant Lightning add-on.

  Lightning is an extension, based on the Mozilla Sunbird application, that allows you to integrate the calendar, organizer and task manager into your favorite email manager, Thunderbird. The installation is carried out from the email manager itself. We will only have to open the Tools menu, then go to complements, and press "Install" where we will have to indicate where it can find the extension.

  Add new functions and complement Thunderbird, thanks to Mozilla Lightning!
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