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Stay up to date with the latest news and all your favorite articles with LightRead, one of the best and most complete RSS readers for Linux environments

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There's life beyond the long-lost Google Reader and the popular Feedly. Ubuntu users are lucky to be able to use one of the best news and RSS readers available for Linux. We're talking about LightRead, a very complete and lightweight feed reader from which we can read all our articles and news of interest from a very user-friendly interface.

A great alternative to Feedly for Linux.

At first glance, the graphical interface of LightRead is very simple since all the content is organized into three columns: the first one with our list of feeds, the second one with the articles of each feed and the third one from where we can read the articles in question. As you can see, everything is very simple to avoid headaches and wasting time.

Main features

  • Possibility to refresh the page, add new feeds and search within our feeds.
  • Offline support to read your news without an Internet connection.
  • Option to choose between manual and automatic synchronization.
  • Configure the amount of time that an article can remain as unread.
  • Customize the maximum number of articles marked as unread.
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