LimeWire Download Client


Download LimeWire Download Client to your computer for free and try this light file download client for the Gnutella network. It's easy to use and very fast

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LimeWire Download Client is a lightweight version of the popular download client LimeWire, it's a development that has been optimized to be able to download all kinds of contents from the Gnutella network, but with fewer functions than the complete client, because it doesn't include chat, nor integration with Facebook, nor such a modern interface.

  The program has four separate sections: one to perform the searches and select the program that you want to download, another to be able to manage the downloads, one from which to view those files that have been stored on your hard drive and an area from which we'll be able to play the downloaded multimedia elements.

  The interface is very simple, similar to that of other programs developed to download files from the Internet. Thanks to this simple graphic environment, no user should have any problems when it comes to using the application.

  Download LimeWire Download Client as soon as possible, an ideal program to download all kinds of contents from the Gnutella network to your computer, that is light and easy to use.
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