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LimeWire was the popular free P2P client to exchange files between users. Download LimeWire and share your favorite films and music over the Internet

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The clients of the P2P Gnutella network have always managed to make the most of this network and offer an incredible speed, and LimeWire has been one of the applications that has been able to make the most of Gnutella's technology to offer a really noteworthy P2P client.

  Some of the most interesting features of LimeWire are the possibility to integrate with the antivirus, the integrated multimedia player that allows you to view everything that we have downloaded or to easily preview a current download. The development team guarantees stability and speed, something that's really necessary in P2P software.

  But, as well as the common features of the majority of P2P clients, LimeWire offers us the possibility to connect with a friend via IP, so that the download is much quicker.

  Even though LimeWire appeared as a Gnutella client, the truth is that some versions after it was launched, it also incorporated support for BitTorrent networks, managing to combine two of the best P2P networks in the same application.
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