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Access Line Mode Browser and get to know more about the second browser in Internet history. The new Line Mode Browser also works on the command line

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Line Mode Browser has the honour of being the second Internet browser ever created. This browser was capable of running on multiple operating systems and was used from the command line.

The beginnings of the Internet.

Line Mode Browser, also known as LMB, was initially developed at the beginning of the 90's. In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee had already written the code for a first browser that he called WorldWideWeb, but was only capable of working on NeXT machines.

The Internet's expansion

It was thanks to the great diffusion of Line Mode Browser that the Internet network started to grow, with web servers spread out all over the World.

Nostalgic and curious users will find in Line Mode Browser a way of reliving the beginnings of the Internet.

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