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Lineage 2M is a direct sequel to the second part of the series we enjoyed on PC. An open world MMORPG for Android featuring thousands of possibilities

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Among the MOBA sagas for mobile, Lineage has made its way strongly. And if Lineage 2 was a great success, Lineage 2M for Android is expected to be the same and even more.

The biggest MMORPG for Android to date

This is a direct sequel to the PC version. An MMORPG with spectacular graphics that was introduced as the largest open world game in the world: more than a hundred million square meters ready to explore freely.

The game follows in the wake of what we have seen so far in the NCSoft franchise. You will find yourself in a game space where you must fight hundreds of enemies and interact and form alliances with other users. Your character, which you can customize, will also evolve as you gain battle experience.

Face monstrous bosses, defeat the hosts of Etis in the walls of Giran Castle, and socialize with your companions.

Main features

  • Full 3D 4K UHD graphics that will amaze everyone.
  • Gather more than ten thousand players in one location and fight in an epic battle.
  • Choose among 5 different races (humans, elves, dark elves, dwarves, and orcs) and 31 different classes.
  • Players must complete individual or group quests to gain levels and improve weaponry and skills.
  • The game offers a huge open world comprising the two continents of Anden that you can travel on foot, by teleporters, or flying.

Test your power in a war-torn world spanning two huge continents alongside thousands of other players in Lineage2M for Android.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
1.9 GB

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