Acquire the skills to speak other languages with Lingoversity, thanks to its dictionaries, direct translations and pronunciation. Download Lingoversity free

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The Internet has become a great tool for almost anything, but there still wasn't a way by means of which we could learn a language, translate texts and study the pronunciation of the words of another language totally free and in a way that is accessible for everyone. Lingoversity will help us to learn another language thanks to a revolutionary system.

Main features

  • Access to Google Translate, as well as another 2,700 online dictionaries.
  • Direct translation between more than 900 languages.
  • Support for voices in English, German, Spanish and French.
  • Memorizing system by means of audio.
  • Text editor to carry out translations.
  • Glossary to be able to control our learning process.

Furthermore, Lingoversity offers automatic updates, compatibility with podcasts (to be able to download texts read in other languages), backup service and capacity to export our data to make them compatible with external applications.

If you're studying a foreign language or want to start doing so, download Lingoversity and learn in the easiest way free of charge.

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Antony Peel
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