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Linkat is the Linux distribution by the Generalitat de Catalunya. With Linkat you will be able to enjoy an operating system with various applications

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Linkat is a Linux distribution backed by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonian regional government). This system that has been totally developed in Catalan (even though it also available in English) is focused on a teaching / learning environment. Thus, it's the distribution that is used in schools and colleges in Catalonia, and the programs that it includes are educational and leisure orientated.

  Unlike other modern distributions, Linkat has to be installed to be tested with the best user experience. Luckily, since it is based on OpenSUSE, installing and using it is really simple. Forget about having to configure anything in this Linux distribution with the console terminal, because Linkat includes graphical installers and perfectly comprehensible explanations.

  Furthermore, since it has been developed thinking about all kinds of users, it also offers the possibility to be installed as a server, client or independent installation, thus making it very easy to create a small network with Linkat.

  Logically, Linkat includes applications like OpenOffice, different security servers and various graphic environments (including GNOME, KDE, XFCE, web servers, virtualization tools,...)

  Since it's a Linux distribution in Catalan created by the Generalitat de Catalunya its maintenance is brilliant, because its automatic updates and the support community that are behind it will take care of maintaining it.
Departament d'Educació. Generalitat de Catalunya
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