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Enter LinkedIn and take part in the largest social network for professionals on Internet. Make contacts and communicate with professionals in LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social network developed for professionals in which you can communicate and exchange information with millions of people and companies from all over the world.

Get in contact with more than 150 million professionals.


  • Create your own professional profile over Internet. Input your data, add your curriculum vitae, define your academic qualifications and your professional experience, etc.
  • Get in contact with millions of people from all over the world that are directly related with the same work sector and acquire more visibility.
  • Contact customers, suppliers and staff.
  • Take part in debates and exchange opinions with other users.
  • Search for a new job.

Something more than leisure

Unlike other social networks like Facebook or MySpace, the objective of LinkedIn is to place professional from all over the world in contact with one another. You will be able to expand your contacts, communicate with them and increase the possibilities of your business.

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