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Linux Deepin is a distro that includes interesting applications and native tools. Linux Deepin incorporates a desktop with a very attractive design

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Ubuntu is one of the most versatile distributions, specially suitable for Linux newbies, as it provides the best results. That's the reason why it's often used as the core to develop others, such as Linux Deepin, a distro that has arrived from China.

A native point of view for GNOME

Ubuntu 13.10 is the core of Linux Deepin, a distribution that comes with a GNOME desktop environment, but with its own skin called Deepin Desktop, built with Webkit and HTML 5 that preserves aspects such as the GNOME Shell application launcher, as well as including a dock. It's equipped by default with interesting native applications such as the software center or its audio playback application called DMusic that provides us with an efficient music player.

This distribution has a very appealing aspect.


  • Development based on Ubuntu 13.10.
  • GNOME desktop environment.
  • Native tools to manage software, play audio and take screenshots, as well as a translator, a terminal and a game center.
  • Large pack of applications including the Firefox and Chromium browsers, the LibreOffice office suite, the Thunderbird email manager, the VLC multimedia player or the MySQL and PostgreSQL database management tools.

Linux Deepin is a great option for anyone who wants to make the most of a Linux distro with an appealing design, a well-cared presentation and a correct software selection.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to burn the image onto a disc to launch the installation or virtualize it with an appropriate program.
Linux Deepin
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