liquidFOLDERS is a program that creates virtual folders that automatically order their contents. Download liquidFOLDERS to be able to find all of your files

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As a computer is used it becomes very common that the hard drives start to accumulate files, which on the long run can make it very difficult to find what you are looking for, unless you have an application like liquidFOLDERS.

Containers in order

liquidFOLDERS creates contents containers on the hard drive with a full selection of file categories, so that each time a file is placed in a container it will automatically order it depending on the type of file.

In other words, liquidFOLDERS works similar to how the contents libraries of Windows 7 work but dividing all the contents into various categories automatically. Thus, liquidFOLDERS catalogs all the contents into four categories:

  • This store: where it will be possible to access all the files in the container.
  • Media: where all the multimedia files will be divided into categories (audio, photographs, films,...).
  • Documents: where the non multimedia contents will be divided into different categories.
  • Maintenance: for the unknown format files, new files and deleted files.

Therefore, if you want to access your information a lot quicker, you only have to download liquidFOLDERS.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial period lasts for 30 days.
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