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Listiki will help you to elaborate lists about any theme that you can think of. In Listiki other users will be able to contribute to improve the contents

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Lists are generally useful because at a conceptual level they are easy to make and asimilate. They allow comparisons and to find out what one has to pay special attention to. Listiki is a web application to elaborate lists from a social point of view. With this tool you will be able to create lists that grow and evolve based on the contribution of other users.

The objective of Listiki is simple: create collaborative lists that can be generated by anybody and shared with everyone. Once the user finds a list that he is interested in he can move its elements to his own criteria. Then, the application itself will take care of creating a ranking generated based on all of the contributions.

Diferent types of lists

Listiki can be used to generate different types of lists:

  • Simple list that highlights your favorite things or those that you hate most.
  • Shopping list that you can share with your flatmates, beloved one or whoever you decide, protecting it with a password to make sure only the people of your choice can modify it.
  • Shared list so your friends can help you decide the order of the components of a list in those cases that you can't make up your mind.
  • Playlists that will help you select which songs you and your friends want to listen to at the next party that you organize.

Start your session from your user profile or using your Twitter, Facebook or Google ID and begin to create lists with Listiki.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To make full use of the application it is necessary to register as a user.
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