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The singer Mauro Román Monzón, better known as LIT Killah, stars this fun musical game in which players must play the notes to the rhythm of his raps

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If you like the Argentinean singer and freestyler Lit Killah, you'll love this app developed by Game Ever Studio and Warner Music. Enjoy the rap and trap songs of this artist while you follow the rhythm of the music in a Guitar Hero style game. Would you like to test your reflexes and challenge your friends in the company of Lit Killah?

Feel the rhythm of rap

The mechanics of LIT Killah is the usual in games of this genre. Your mission is to play the musical notes to the rhythm of this rapper's songs as they come down. There are two types of notes: single-tap and rapping.

The more notes in a row you get right, the bigger the combo and bonus. Of course, the bigger the bonus, the better the rewards. With your earnings, you can buy clothes and accessories to improve your rapper's wardrobe. His avatar will be with you at all times, moving smoothly to liven up your games.

Play the notes at the perfect time, customize your avatar, and unlock new challenges.

The game includes 50 levels with 12 difficulty modes (from three to six-note tracks). But you can also get creative and design your own level using five songs by this artist.

Listen to the most famous songs by Lit Killah, such as 'Buffoon,' 'Eclipse,' and 'Turn off the Cell Phone' while enjoying a musical game with a pure but excellent design. And you don't even need an internet connection to hit the notes.

Requirements and additional information:
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Game Ever Studio
This year
This year
114 MB

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