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In the Androd game Little Inferno your aim is to set on fire everything you come across. Have fun fueling your chimney fire with almost any object

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We've all been hypnotized due to the flames of a chimney. Fire is capable of drawing our attention, specially when it has got fuel to feed it... and that's where you come in, to fuel the fire.

A game for pyromaniacs?

Well, fuel or whatever you've got at hand, because in Little Inferno you can burn wood, robots, credit cards, galaxies, batteries, nuclear devices... we wouldn't dare to say that game encourages pyromania, but it definitely calms your stress.

Almost all the action takes place in front of the fire place.

  • Fun graphics with very realistic visual fire effects.
  • Unlock elements to be thrown into the flames.
  • Plenty of humor and sarcasm.

Get hold of the APK and play with fire without burning yourself or causing any unpleasant accidents.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
Tomorrow Corporation
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
103.5 MB

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