Little Shop of Treasures 2

Little Shop of Treasures 2 is an entertaining game in which you have to find the articles that the shop's customers ask you for as quickly as possible

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Little Shop of Treasures 2 is a simple game the objective of which is to search for the products that the customers ask for in an imports shop that is full objects. The main character of the game needs money to refurbish her uncle Roy's old gas station and get it back in business, because that was his last wish. Thus, the more money you can raise, the sooner your uncle Roy's dream will be fulfilled.

  When you start playing, five clients will ask you for an item each. You will have to find them between the large amount of objects that there are in the imports shop. When you find it, the object will move towards the client, and he/she will ask you for something else. If Little Shop of Treasures 2 seems difficult and you can't manage to find an article, don't worry, because you will be able resort to a useful help. If you press the Hint button, the names of the articles will become images of them, and it will workout a lot more simple.

  Little Shop of Treasures 2 also has a calendar on which you will see the products that you have sold each day.

  Sharpen your eyesight with Little Shop of Treasures 2 and raise money for uncle Roy's gas station.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is an installer that requires an Internet connection to install the game. The trial version can be played during 60 minutes.
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