How to fix buffering errors in Live NetTV

To be able to solve buffering problems in Live NetTV, we simply have to go to the application’s settings and access the section that allows us to modify the quality of the videos played, changing it to Low or Medium, and then rebooting the app. With this change, we can reduce the volume of the data downloaded so there shouldn’t be any problems with the data buffer and the signal will reach us much more fluidly (on the contrary, the quality of the image will obviously be lower).

In any case, there are other ways to improve our connection when it comes to watching TV over the Internet that have got nothing to do with the application itself:

  • Sit nearer to your WiFi signal transmitter: wireless connections are usually faster than over over-the-air data connection. The ideal situation is to be as close as possible to transmitting device, and without any obstacles in our way.
  • Turn off any devices that compete between them: usually, a network has more than one connected device that share the same connection which can slow down video streaming.

If we were talking about a desktop or laptop computer instead of a phone, another option would be to connect it to the Internet through an Ethernet cable, which always more efficient than a wireless connection.

As you probably already know, in computer science, the buffer is the space of memory that stores temporary data to avoid a program from running out of data during a transfer process, in this case, during the playback of the video via streaming.