3.2.0 Livestation will allow you to have free TV on your computer. With Livestation you will be able to enjoy different TV channels and chat with other users
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P2P technology is usually related only to downloading systems, but this statement is not entirely true because these networks can offer us other services, like TV over the Internet for example.

A social manner of watching television

Livestation uses this technology, just like Zattoo, to distribute the television signal live over the Internet, managing a better data transfer and due to this, much more quality than other streaming services.

The program, that works thanks to Silverlight technology by Microsoft, has a series of sponsor channels (Euronews, Al Jazeera, BBC News,... ), but we can also add any other channels that the users contribute, only having to click on the program's official website.

Chat whilst you watch TV.

Another of Livestation's features that is worth mentioning is the option to chat with other users that are watching the same channel as you at that very moment, allowing you to express your opinion about an event or news report in real time, something that provides the application with functions that are similar to those of a social network.

Discover one of the best alternatives to enjoy TV on the Internet, thanks to Livestation.

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