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With the attractive design of Living Earth - Clock & Weather for iOS you can know the weather conditions anywhere around the world as well as the local time

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The weather is a very important aspect of our daily life. Almost unconsciously, we choose what to wear, where to go or what to do depending on the weather and temperature forecast for the following hours. For such purpose, we can now find loads of different applications that intend to offer us the weather forecast straight on our mobile phone, just a screen tap away.

And amongst all those applications, there are a bunch of them that stand out above the rest, whether due to their reputation, reliability or accuracy when it comes to forecasting the weather, or because some of them offer us an extra or added value. In the case of Living Earth - Clock & Weather, that extra is its stunning design and a 3D interface that allows us to explore the climate and weather of any place around the world. Furthermore, it also offers us the time by means of a world clock with the time for millions of cities around the world.

World clock and weather in the same application.

Main features of Living Earth

Once you've downloaded this app to your iPhone or iPad (it's exclusive to the iOS environment, therefore, you won't be able to find any kind of APK for Android), you can access all the following functions and a few more:

  • Real-time weather data obtained from satellites.
  • Live map with different weather details.
  • Access to information such as the temperature, humidity, winds, hurricanes, tropical storms...
  • World clock with time in millions of cities.
  • 10-day forecasts for cities all over the world.
  • Notifications for tropical cyclones and storms.
  • Temperature icon on the home screen.
  • View stars and constellations in real time.
  • Local sunrise and sunset times.
  • Alarm clock with your favorite music.

Can I download Living Earth for free? That's probably the only drawback of this application: its price. No, you can get have it for free although it's not too expensive either, and its poor developers have to make a living somehow. In any case, if you're allergic to paying for a mobile app, in the App Store you can find dozens of valid free alternatives, although they might not be as cute as this one.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 9.3.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
Radiantlabs, LLC.
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