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lMule is the equivalent to eMule for Linux. Download all the files that you may want from the eDonkey network with lMule, the most prestigious Linux client

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The P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing system which uses the eDonkey network is one of the most used worldwide. By means of eMule millions of users have shared files with one another, the problem arises due to the few possibilities to access it from Linux, unless you have lMule.

The version of eMule for Linux

lMule was started as projected set forth to port the features of the original eMule for Windows to the operating systems of the penguin. During its development the features were implemented step by step until more or less all of them were available. No matter if we are talking about the possibility to choose the server which works as a nexus for the connections, by suing a .met file, or the possibility to carry out local or worldwide searches.

Despite its popularity when launched, lMule was a short lived project, because the main developers ended up arguing a result of which was the development of two fork projects, xMule and aMule, this last one being the only one that is still followed.

Therefore, if you want to try out the very first client for the eDonkey network that was available for Linux, you only have to download lMule for free, the version of eMule for Linux.

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