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Lobola Calculator can calculate how many cows your family would have to offer to you future spouse. A controversial app that reflects African traditions

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In certain regions of Africa, dowries or lobolas are calculated in cows. Lobola Calculator lets you know the value of your future spouse and how many cows you should receive to administer them throughout your marriage.

An application rightfully surrounded by controversy.

This appraisal of women in cows has caused an uproar, although the truth is that its developer has also included the possibility of rating men, which obviously isn't taken into account in this African tradition. Aware of the fact that times change, the prices isn't only offered in cows but also in rands (South Africa's currency) and dollars.

How does Lobola Calculator work?

It's easy. All you have to do is choose different options:

  • Gender, age, height, weight and trouser size.
  • If you're a man, what you value in the opposite sex.
  • If you're a woman, how attractive you consider yourself.
  • Academic level and employment.
  • Civil status and number of children.

Offensive or just a humorous app just like many others than can be found on Android? We prefer to think that the second option is the correct one, but it also reminds us that these things still happen in the 21st century.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 3.0.
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