Download LoginControl for free and you'll be able to store all your user names and passwords securely. LoginControl includes a secure password generator

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The amount of sites on which we register nowadays is immense, and if we pay attention to recommendations, we should never write down our passwords, and never use the same password twice. So in the end we can end up with dozens of different passwords. How are we going to remember them all? We should install a program like LoginControl, that will keep all our passwords and user accounts safe.

  LoginControl allows us to store our username and password plus the website address, so the user doesn't have to remember each password. LoginControl is an encrypted database with a simple interface. It's possible to organize data by groups and according to ranks, something very useful when we are looking for a specific account.

  Furthermore, in case we need to export the data, we can do so as an HTML or TXT, and generate backups.

  LoginControl also incorporates a random password generator, with the intention to guarantee that it is impossible to guess using sheer luck.
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