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logkeys is a complete keylogger to be able to know what happens on your Linux when you are not there. Download logkeys free and record all the keystrokes

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Knowing exactly what happens on our PC when we aren't in front of it is a way of increasing our own security. And a keylogger is a basic element to get to know exactly what happens. logkeys is a good program to monitor our keyboard, because it supports any standard 101 or 105-key keyboard.

  Once started, logkeys works in the background, saving all the key strokes, even when AltGr or Caps Lock are used. Thus it won't be difficult to know what websites the user has visited or what they have been doing on the computer. That is why a malicious user would also be able to gather information about account names and passwords with ease with this kind of application.

  The keyboard's interface doesn't matter at all, because logkeys works both with USB as well as PS2 keyboards, so no key strokes will be missed.

  The main advantage of logkeys regarding other similar applications is its more advanced logging method when it comes to eliminating false double strokes and other similar keylogger errors.
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