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Logon Editor will allow you to customize the screen on which you start a session on Windows 7. Download Logon Editor and choose the background image

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We are sure that you are tired of always opening Windows and seeing the same blue screen. Logon Editor is a simple tool that will allow you to change the Windows 7 session logon screen. You will be able to choose the background wallpaper, customize the buttons or change the user name. Manage to have a customized Windows access screen very easily free of charge.

Customize your access to Windows 7

With Logon Editor you will be able to change the background wallpaper for the Windows 7 logon screen. You will only have to choose any image that you have on your computer, and Logon Editor will substitute the typical blue background for the new image. You can also change the buttons of that screen and choose if you want them to be transparent, more or less bright or completely opaque.

Logon Editor will also allow you to change the Windows 7 logo and choose between the several options that it offers. Once it applies the new configuration, when you reboot your computer will be able to see the new logon screen. Another possibility that Logon Editor offers is to save various configurations and choose the one that you prefer each time.

Customize your logon screen with Logon Editor. Remember that for the program to work properly you have to launch it as the computer administrator.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only works on Windows 7.
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