LookDisk is a program that allows you to detect all the duplicated files stored on a computer. Free space on your hard drive once you download LookDisk free

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When a computer is used a lot it is common to start accumulating various copies of a single file on the hard drive, whether because it has been necessary to copy the file to create a backup or to have it located whenever necessary. The problem is that this implies that they are occupying space on the hard drive unnecessarily, and to be able to free it nothing better than LookDisk.

Detect all the duplicate files

The main task of LookDisk is to detect all the duplicate files that are stored on the hard drives connected to a computer, in such a way that the user can eliminate those that are no longer of any use.

The search for duplicate files carried out by LookDisk takes place in several manners, but it focuses on three main features:

  • Size of the file
  • Creation date
  • Attributes

Additionally, to make the search carried out by Look Disk more precise it allows you to read the contents of the majority of compressed files (ZIP, CAB, ARJ, RAR,...) to locate duplicate files that may be stored inside them.

On the other hand, LookDisk can also be used to locate a text extract or word from any file, including PDFfiles. Download LookDisk for free to locate and remove duplicated files.

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